We take care of your facility so you can take care of your business. 

How EFI is Different

Asset Lifecycle Management

Fair Pricing, Long Term Value

Staffing for High Quality

EFI is a leader in advanced planning and scheduling techniques to efficiently operate facilities. 

Research shows that clients who select a facility services provider based on price alone are most likely to dismiss that same provider due to poor-quality work and failure to meet basic standards.  EFI's primary focus is on delivering the highest quality service at a fair price.  We create quotes, bids, and budgets transparently and fairly, with the purpose of keeping client business for the long-term.  

EFI performs the work at your facility by employing our own staff members, rather than third parties, as often as possible. This allows us to better manage the scheduling, performance, and quality of the work completed.  It also allows EFI to establish and control budgets for our customers.  

Markets Served

EFI proudly serves most markets with a speciality in worship centers, educational institutions, commerical buildings, and industrial locations. 

Positions Available/Posiciones Disponibles

EFI is currently hiring janitorial technicians and landscapers. Come join us!  

Actualmente, EFI está contratando técnicos de limpieza y yarderos/jardineros. ¡Ven y únete a nosotros!

Applicant Hotline / Línea Directa: (844) 488-2720